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We recognize the intrinsic worth of every person who steps through the doors. We value community and collaboration. We acknowledge and appreciate the expertise of both parents and teachers who have agreed to make this studio a family not just in name only. We, the adults in our children’s lives, act, speak and treat each other as if we are always being observed. It is our belief that our words and our actions need to match so that we can take what we learn in the studio and understand the bigger implications it can have in our lives as make our way in the larger world. We choose dance because of the focus on teamwork, empathy, dedication, loyalty, perseverance, commitment, structure and confidence. We know if you are choosing to join us in this new adventure, you value these beliefs also.



In every story there is a beginning and Storyteller Dance Studio is no exception. In 2018, a group of parents came together to discuss what they wanted in a dance studio. At the forefront was the belief that a studio should be a place where who you are as a person matters more than what you wear or how flexible you are. The desire to create a new studio was based on the idea the families wanted to keep their children and friendships together and that dance was really more about the lessons the children were learning than a specific syllabus that detailed their every move. This group of parents had children who loved dance but who also played other sports, took part in martial arts, played musical instruments and who wanted to grow as people through their dance experiences. Two families found a building, a lease was signed and renovations began to make this vision a reality.


Our Team


Erin Koehler

Miss Erin is our Tap/Contemporary/Jazz Teacher

Renee Crawley

Miss Renee is our RAD Ballet Teacher

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STAy tuned

Our acro teacher

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Stay Tuned

Our Artistic Director